Rural-Urban Regions in Central Java: Is it a Constructive Urbanization?

Type Conference Paper - The 5 th International Conference of the International Forum on Urbanism (IFoU)
Title Rural-Urban Regions in Central Java: Is it a Constructive Urbanization?
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2011
In South East Asia, a distinctive urbanization pattern has led to the emergence of particular features of rural-urban regions. This paper aims to further examine how these regions characterize the urbanization in Central Java as the research area. A cluster analysis is applied to create rural-urban regions typology. As the analysis result, the most constructive form of urbanization is defined as urbanization from below where rapid industrialization that leads to particular type of urban transition occurs far from the highest hierarchy urban centre and is dominated by smaller scale industry. Rural-urban regions that appear as urbanization from below is derived from industrialization that are occupied significant local content based on endogenous values. This type of industrialization concerns more in equity instead of economic growth. In any cases, equity orientation is in favor since it indicates more balanced development, in addition to the fact that economic growth is likely to benefit only particular group of people and degrades environment quality.

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