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Type Working Paper - Tazkia Islamic Finance and Business Review
Title The Revitalization of Women’s Entrepreneurship Spirit In Micro Enterprises With Islamic Microfinance Institution (IMI)(Study on The Contribution of BMTs Agam Madani in Agam sub-province, West Sumatra)
Volume 8
Issue 1
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2014
URL http://www.tifbr-tazkia.org/index.php/TIFBR/article/view/61/86
Objective - The objective of this paer is to give an overiew of the contribution of Islamic Micro-finace Instiuons (IM) in the proces of empowerment of women micro-entrpise, and recomende a related policy. Method – Thistudy is a field resarch in 2012, whic focused in BMTs Agam Madni at Agam distrc. The dat isourced from the observation, documentaion and questionaires from 60 women micro-entrepneursamples who recive working capital finacing. This paer use simple rgesion model in orde tobserv relationship betwen working capitalnd the increasing of revnue. This model is to measure the amount of the multiperfect in working capital-o increasing of revnue. Result – This paer found tha IM is a god model to devlop society more prosperous by devloping BMTs in each distrc. Thes BMT has thousands of micro entrpise meber and
could revitalzed the spirt of entrepneurship of minagkabu’s women. A resarch to 60 women’s micro entrepneur sampleshowed the positve signficant ifluenc betwen lendig to revnue. A multiperfect equal to 0.68.The smal number of multiperfect implied tha many factors detrming theirevnue, not lendig only. Conclusion – This findg could explain tha IM could empower micro entrepneur woman. This findg also recomend few straegis: 1) Revitalzation of BMTs a micro catlyst by
revitalzationf structre ofrganization, products variton, human resourceompetnce, shari monitorng, publicoperation and implemntig local cultral value 2) Revitalzation of government role as faciltaor, cordinator, intaor and mediator in devloping micro sector.

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