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Type Journal Article - Health Science Journal of Indonesia
Title Antenatal Care Practice and the Chance of Having Nurse/Midwife Birth Attendant: A Study in Central Mountain of Papua
Volume 5
Issue 2
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2014
Page numbers 60-66
URL http://bpk.litbang.depkes.go.id/index.php/HSJI/article/viewFile/3591/3543
Background: Papua has one of the highest maternal mortality rates in Indonesia. Nurse/midwife birth attendants and regular antenatal care (ANC) are important factors in decreasing maternal mortality rate. This study aimed to identify the association of ANC to nurse/midwife-assisted birth in Papua. Methods: The subjects of this cross-sectional study and purposive sampling consisted of females with toddlers in the family visiting the integrated community center on 15-30 January 2014 in 24 villages in Central Mountain of Jayawijaya, Papua. Several demographic characteristics, ANC practices, and labor practices were collected by interview. Analysis was carried out by Cox regression with constant time. Results: There were 469 subjects, but only 391 subjects were available for analysis which consisted of 280 subjects with self/family-assisted births and 111 with nurse/midwife-assisted births. There were only 3 subjects that gave birth in the forest or stable (“kandang hina”). Compared with those who never had ANC, those who had ANC in the integrated community center had 5.6-fold possibility to have a nurse/ midwife-assisted birth [adjusted relative risk (RRa) = 5.60; 95% confidence interval (CI) = 2.99-10.47]. In addition, compared with those who never had ANC, those who had ANC by midwife and 4 ANC visits had higher possibility to have nurse/midwife-assisted birth, 4.9-fold (RRa = 4.89; 95% CI = 2.70-8.86) and 6.9-fold (RRa = 6.90; 95% CI = 3.59-13.27) respectively. Conclusion: Antenatal care service is a possible way to increase the proportion of deliveries by nurse/midwife in Central Mountain of Jayawijaya, Papua.

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