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Type Working Paper
Title Mobile Marketing Potensial as Sales Alternative
URL http://repository.gunadarma.ac.id/1106/1/Mobile Marketing Potensial as_UG.pdf
The development of information technology and the internet are growing so rapidly in this age of globalization, which also directly affects in the field of marketing. Utilization of direct technology provides many benefits in the form of freedom from attachment to place and provide time effectiveness and expand the scope. From time to time, especially in Indonesia, the development of mobile communications has far exceeded the number of internet subscribers and fixed telephone. As reported by the Association of Indonesian Cellular Phone, until the end of 2009 the number of mobile phone subscribers is estimated at 96.41 million subscribers, while the number of internet customer from the latest data compiled by APJII (Association of Indonesian Internet Service Providers) in the year 2007 the number of internet subscribers reached only 25 million subscribers. This shows the tremendous potential of mobile technology development, especially in the field of marketing. This study tries to provide a new system that utilizes mobile technology as an alternative in the sale, so the more attractive and interesting, and may provide information to customers quickly, without time and space constraints.

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