Social Accounting Matrix for India

Type Conference Paper - 17th International Conference of Input--Output Techniques. Sao Paulo, Brazil
Title Social Accounting Matrix for India
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2009
This paper provides the latest SAM for Indian economy with wide variety of
disaggregation for Energy sector and sectors that are relevant for environmental and climate
policy evaluation. Social accounting matrix (SAM) for India 2003-04 shows the interaction
between production, income, consumption and capital accumulation. It can be used to
provide an analysis of the interrelationship between the production structure of an economy
and the distribution of incomes and expenditures of different household groups. It shows 9
household groups and can be used as basic data base for CGE modeling of the Indian
economy. This SAM consists of 36 sectors of the economy, 3 factors of production and 9
categories of occupational households. Indian economy is becoming structurally biased
towards capital intensive sectors like service and energy production. Most energy intensive
sector is the energy production sector itself followed by transport and manufacturing as of

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