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Title Volume dan Arah Migrasi Penduduk Provinsi Riau Tahun 2000, 2005 & 2010
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2013
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The research was conducted in the province of Riau. The purpose of this study was to determine the volume and direction of migration in Riau province, as well as to know the origin and destination of migrants, the motivation of migrants and migrant risen life. This study uses secondary data obtained from the offices or agencies associated with this research that the Central Bureau of Statistics Riau Province. By collecting data results from the 2000 population census, Supas 2005 and 2010 population censuses were analyzed using cross tabulation analysis subsequent authors conducted a study to strengthen the research literature. The results show that, the amount of in-migration to migrate a lifetime that is equal to 1,534,849 people, while for the out-migration of 164,358 people, next to migration risen by 526,711 people, while for the out-migration of 91,280 people in 2000. Further to the 2005 migration to migration lifetime that is equal to 1,335,873 people and the out-migration of 208,049 people, the next to enter the migration risen by 213,867 people and the out-migration of 115,073 people. For 2010 migration for lifetime migration is equal 1,910,737 people, and migration of 315,687 people, while migration risen to enter in the amount of 293 548 people and kelaur migration of 127,204. For the life of migrant origin and migrants biggest risen from West Sumatra and North Sumatra with the economic motive for work and looking for work. Migration destination Riau largest North Sumatra and West Sumatra with the primary motivation for continuing education. From research on migration numbers coming to Riau both lifetime migration and migration risen expected to increase economic growth and development in the province of Riau.

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