Merayakan Satu Dekade Pasca Konflik: Hidup Harmonis Dalam Bingkai Segregasi

Type Journal Article - Studi Islam
Title Merayakan Satu Dekade Pasca Konflik: Hidup Harmonis Dalam Bingkai Segregasi
Volume 3
Issue 1
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2014
Page numbers 72-86
Segregation was actually a pattern of life cultural community Ambon. Land village been ingrained in the differences groups, both related to territories and religion, the department of foreign affairs Salam (Islam) and the land Serani (Christian). The concept Salam-Serani actually probable that a totality The Ambon in cultural context. But this condition changed post-conflict. The Grouping has become a problem in social interaction. The region or village to the territory for any particular religion (Christian and/or Islam). Every village respect fellowship with its religious identity every one of them, and it is difficult to accept difference in the open. In the context cultural identification this, the issue of religion and religious tolerance in society that compound is a reality that appeared in the daily life. In that situation, stereotypes and prejudice grew up with its prolific as seeds of conflict is hidden. If a land where a growing seeds of conflict, not properly managed, both through regulations such as social management settlement by bureaucrats as well as non-governmental organizations through communication that mind-fullnes then seed, finally will be develop an unencrypted communal conflicts open. Consciousness multicultural important to be built and encouraged in order to cover the weakness pluralism. Many different ways can be done mainly through education sector as has been a global commitments. With the building a consciousness multicultural, pluralism culture bersemai would be in a life of the people who harmony.

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