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Type Journal Article - The Emergence of Early Warning Systems as a Mechanism to Promote Human Security in West Africa
Title Integrated Agriculture from the Perspective of the Creation of Employment in the Aging Society of Rural Northeast Thailand
Volume 3
Issue 1
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2014
Page numbers 78-96
URL http://www.jahss.org/journals/JOHSR_vol3-1.pdf#page=79
This paper presents a micro-level sociological examination of cases of farmers who
try adopting sustainable farming methods for their subsistence in Northeast Thailand. This
research attempts to clarify the local practices, which promote sustainable agriculture
development and empower small-scale farmers in choosing and designing life strategies
for themselves.
In Thailand, a sustainable agriculture policy was adopted in the 8th National
Economic and Social Development Plan. The government promoted sustainable
agriculture throughout its 9th, 10th, and 11th plans. Integrated agriculture is the most
prevalent farming among different kinds of sustainable agriculture used by Thai farmers
according to the report from the National Economic and Social Development Board.
Since 2002, Thai society has come into the aging society. It is easier to go to cities or
go abroad as migrants while young. As they get old, it becomes difficult to be migrants
and attempt to find an alternative way of life in villages. Then, this paper focuses on
human security of small-scale farmers who have the retirement intentions of migrants and
return to villages. In regard to this issue, integrated farming can be one of the available
choices for farmers to stay in villages all year round because a feature of integrated
farming is growing diverse crops and livestock combined and the provision of varied farm
work throughout the year. This paper indicates that integrated farming is thus related to the
possibility of applying a sustainable agriculture policy for creating as well as increasing
the opportunities of employment in rural areas.

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