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Type Working Paper - Strategies and Analysis for Growth and Access (SAGA) Working Paper
Title Access to schooling and employment in Cameroon: new inequalities and opportunities
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2004
URL http://www.fachportalpaedagogik.de/rd.html/696288/http://www.saga.cornell.edu/images/wp163.pdf
This report examines recent trends in school and post-graduate employment in Cameroon over thelast two decades. Cameroon’s economic downturn in 1987-95 triggered secondary changes thattransformed the environment under which families make decisions about children’s schooling. Thereport examines the human capital responses to these transformations, focusing on (1) recentenrollment levels (2) trends in enrollments (3) access to employment, (4) the demand for schooling,and (5) risks and opportunities in improving educational outcomes. The analyses combine data fromthe Cameroon Ministry of Education and recent demographic surveys

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