The changing face of Ghanaian towns

Type Journal Article - African Review of Economics and Finance
Title The changing face of Ghanaian towns
Volume 4
Issue 1
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2013
Page numbers 1-29
The paper argues that the face of Ghanaian towns has changed since the initial contact with the colonialists. Investments in infrastructure, urbanisation and enhanced economic activities have combined to change the face of Ghanaian towns. These changes in turn have affected the quality of urban life and the disparity in development between the north and the south as well as in various towns with marked spatial segregation of residential areas. Considering that the current face of several Ghanaian towns is characterised by overcrowding, cluttering of houses, insanitary conditions and poor environmental conditions; it is argued that the face of Ghanaian towns should increasingly reflect orderly development, adequate environmental sanitation, tolerable densities and effective local planning to create a more livable and sustainable environment.

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