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Type Thesis or Dissertation - Ingeniería Administrativa
Title Canales alternativos: Oportunidades y estrategias en el sector de la construcción. Caso: Imusa S.A
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2014
URL http://repository.eia.edu.co/bitstream/11190/1578/1/ADMO0582.pdf
This research was conducted to identify opportunities and alternatives that the company IMUSA SA has within the construction sector. This was achieved through a qualitative research process that included a description of the sector and channel construction, composition, variables that enhance the industry cycles of building activity, disability, informality and flow of activities in the sector, description of channel construction. Also, an estímate of the potencial market was made tacking into account the macro housing and the current share of the company in the market. With the analysis of this information, and experts who provided in-depth interviews, proposas and strategies were created to integrate the compan`s products with the sector. In addition, with the marketing departments support, portfolio proposals were designed according to each type of housing and socioeconomic status. Finally we performed a feasibility analysis of channel opening. Integrating all these processes could respond to the concern raised

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