Assessment of Productivity Management Practices on Ghanaian Construction Sites

Type Thesis or Dissertation - Master of Science Construction Management
Title Assessment of Productivity Management Practices on Ghanaian Construction Sites
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2014
There are undue cost overruns, delays and loss of productivity associated with the delivery of major capital construction projects in most developing countries. However, productivity measurement remains one of the basic techniques for efficient and effective performance. With the continuous increase of competition in the construction industry coupled with increasing cost of labour, construction contractors are continuously searching for ways of eliminating waste and increasing productivity. Hence, the aim of this study was to assess productivity measurement practices on construction site, which was guided by these research objectives namely: to assess the important attributes to productivity measurement, to identify factors affecting productivity and to establish ways of improving the technique in general. On this basis, critical review of literature was done, leading to questionnaire design. Questionnaires were administered to D1K1 contractors purposively. Data collected from the survey was analysed using descriptive statistic and Kendall’s Wallis test. Findings of the research point out to the fact that, curbing construction delay, increasing in output rate, motivation of workers and improving company’s performance were the most significant factors for which a company will implement productivity measurement techniques. In addition, plant and equipment, site organization, government policy, materials and labour force, proper planning were also classified as factors which affect the practices of productivity measurement among various construction firms under studied. Moreover the research revealed that for efficient and effective practices of productivity, the following should be put in place namely: improved health and safety, proper materials handling, workers motivation, proper site layout and setting targets for workforce. The research therefore, recommended that workers should be trained in the area of productivity measurement, through seminar and workshop. Furthermore, a research can be done by including the other classes of contractors.

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