Is Kumasi Still a Garden City? Land Use Analysis between 1980-2010

Type Journal Article - Journal of Environment and Ecology
Title Is Kumasi Still a Garden City? Land Use Analysis between 1980-2010
Volume 5
Issue 2
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2014
Page numbers 89-107
Preserving natural environment in the physical landscape of cities is an important component of the garden city model. It helps to maintain ecological balance between nature and human activities. This paper sought to assess the garden city status of Kumasi (Ghana) from the perspective of available green vegetation (green spaces). Using a case study research strategy, archival records (such as Landsat satellite images), documentary data and personal observations constituted the sources of data for the study. It was found out that Kumasi has lost most of its green vegetation to housing developments and commercial activities. The city’s preserved green belts have become vacant, most of the parks and gardens are no more with many of the remaining parks converted into commercial centres. Urban sprawl was also very prevalent causing excessive loss of green vegetation at the fringes of the city. Kumasi now lacks enough green vegetation which is contrary to the garden city model that the city was built on. It is therefore recommended that conservation of the green vegetation should be made a priority by the city authorities with appropriate green space strategy put in place to guide the development of the city’s green spaces.

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