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Type Book Section - Patriarchy and fertility in Albania
Title Demographic research
Volume 29
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2013
Page numbers 133-166
URL http://demographic-research.org/volumes/vol29/6/29-6.pdf
Theories of fertility collapse in the post-socialist era imply a decline in the moral primacy of traditional social institutions. Yet gender inequality actually increased in many countries, and there is a scarcity of empirical evidence for the role played by traditional social institutions in reproductive decision-making.
We investigate whether patriarchal institutions sustained the fertility levels in Albania. The geography of marriage and family enlargement is related to the importance of patriarchy in kinship organisation and in the public sphere. To account for this spatial relationship we test the evidence for different pathways in patriarchal influence on reproductive decision-making including social effects, socialisation in patriarchal ideals, and the promotion of male fertility.

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