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Type Journal Article - Water services and the private sector in developing countries
Title Private operators in the water and sanitation sector in Colombia. The Conhydra case
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2012
Page numbers 235-262
URL http://www.pseau.org/outils/ouvrages/afd_ppiaf_water_services_and_the_private_sector_in_developing_c​ountries_2012.pdf#page=236
During the last thirty years, the water and sanitation services in Colombia have
experienced substantial improvement in terms of coverage, quality, continuity and
other relevant indicators, as the result of structural reforms that started at the end
of the 1980s with the decentralization of responsibilities and resources to municipalities.
These reforms culminated in the approval of Law 142 of 1994 or “Domiciliary
Public Services Regime” where the principles with respect to providing such services,
established in the national Constitution of 1991, were developed.

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