National Report: Greater Riga Region (Latvia)

Type Report
Title National Report: Greater Riga Region (Latvia)
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2013
City Riga
Country/State Latvia
This is a research report within the project „Towards sustainable modes of urban and peri-urban food provisioning” (SUPURBFOOD). To improve the ecological performance of the agro-food system, SUPURBFOOD analyses short food supply chains, multifunctional agriculture and nutrient, water and waste recycling from an urban perspective. The project involves partners from seven European cityregions (Rotterdam (NL), Rome (IT), Ghent (BE), Vigo (ES), Bristol (UK), Zürich (CH) and Riga (LV)). You are reading the report from Latvia analysing the case of the Greater Riga Region. The report is focusing on SUPURBFOOD three key themes: (1) closing the cycles of organic waste, water and nutrients, (2) shortening of food chains, and (3) the multifunctional use of land in urban and peri-urban areas.

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