Políticas públicas en discapacidad en Colombia

Type Journal Article - Revista CIFE: Lecturas de Economia Social
Title Políticas públicas en discapacidad en Colombia
Volume 13
Issue 19
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2011
URL http://revistas.usantotomas.edu.co/index.php/cife/article/viewFile/807/1090
This article presents some of the results of the research
entitled: “Public Politics for population with disability in
Colombia. Institutional failure or non-existent reality?”,
advanced by the authors in development of their work
for the Masters degree in Economic Sciences, advanced
in the University of Santo Tomás.
In Colombia, disability manifest enormous dimensions;
according to the information of the last general census
of population, about seven of every hundred inhabitants
are affected by some type of disability, which represents
near 3 million persons; disabilities that go from problems
to move or walk, to relate to others, to understand or
to learn, up to other limitations of permanent character.
Most of these persons, are vulnerable, live in conditions
of poverty, which spread to their families, they have a low
labor participation and are excluded from the economic
system, reason why they present high levels of dissatisfaction
of their basic needs.
All this demands that the State adequates its role as inspector
in the economy by restructuring the institutional
design for the disability as soon as possible because right
now a serious emptiness of institutional order is present.
Moreover, in the plans of territorial development and
their budgets, actions and resources are required for the
attention of these disabled vulnerable populations.

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