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Title African Indigenous religion in an African Theological Seminary: The Case of St. Nicholas Seminary, Cape Coast
URL http://www.researchgate.net/profile/Vincent_Assanful/publication/269688002_AFRICAN_INDIGENOUS_RELIGI​ON_IN_AN_AFRICAN_THEOLOGICAL_SEMINARY_THE_CASE_OF_ST._NICHOLAS_SEMINARY_CAPE_COAST/links/54916bbd0cf​222ada858a7ac.pdf
There is no gainsaying in the importance of the need to study the religion of the indigenous African in theological institutions in Africa. The reasons are not farfetched as the trainee priests would be plying their vocation among the indigenous believers and would need to understand the beliefs of those people in order to effectively operate among them. This paper seeks to make a critical assessment of the teaching of the African Traditional Religion and African Philosophy and Values in an African theological seminary. The paper focuses on the teaching of the subject in the St. Nicholas Theological Seminary in Cape Coast. The paper traces the history of the seminary and teaching of the African indigenous religion. The paper analysis the course contents and finds its suitability for an institution such as this. Using the questionnaire and interview as the main instruments, the article found out from students, both regular and sandwich, how the study of the courses has and would impact on their practice as priests in their area of operation. The article concluded that for trainee priest to effectively operate in their area of operation, and for those who may be sent to the very remotest parts of the country where in most cases the indigenous religion of the African have a strong hold on the inhabitants, the need to have a firm knowledge of the beliefs and practices of the indigenous African is important if they are to succeed as priests.

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