Assessment of Sachet Water Quality Parameters in the Bolgatanga Municipality of Ghana

Type Journal Article - International Journal of Environmental Engineering and Natural Resources
Title Assessment of Sachet Water Quality Parameters in the Bolgatanga Municipality of Ghana
Volume 1
Issue 1
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2014
Page numbers 44-52
The provision of quality drinking water in the municipality is mainly at the door step of the Ghana Water Company Ltd.
However due to population increases and infrastructural expansion of the municipality, they are unable to meet the demand. Some sachet water producers take advantage of this situation to supply what they called “Pure Water”. The sources of water for their production are rivers, streams and groundwater. Unfortunately those who tap water from these sources do not have the requisite skills, knowledge and resources to adequately treat the water. The question that arises is that, this sachet water produced and being described as “Pure Water”, are they really Pure? This study therefore assessed the quality of water produced by four of these sachet water enterprises by taking samples of Borehole (groundwater) which are being used for production to the laboratory and analysed for their Chemical, Biological and Physical quality characteristics. Results were presented in statistical graphs and tables and, showed that, most of the water quality parameters met the WHO’s Standards of potable water. Strangely after treatment, some water quality parameters had their concentrations increased. This is an indication of introduction of foreign materials. The cause of this can be linked to the sanitation of the production environment. We recommend that Standard Authority, Food and Drugs Authority, and the Municipal health experts must carry out adequate monitoring to ensure that these sachet water producers adhere to sanitation standards at the production site.

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