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Type Journal Article - Eurostat, Statistics in focus
Title Large farms in Europe
Volume 18
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2011
Page numbers 2011
URL http://edz.bib.uni-mannheim.de/edz/pdf/statinf/11/KS-SF-11-018-EN.PDF
The ongoing revision of the Common Agricultural Policy brings into focus the size of farms in the European Union. To measure the size of farms, different variables can be taken into account such as the economic performance, the labour force working on the farm, the production or the area. In this publication the Utilised Agricultural Area (UAA) is chosen for classifying farms by size in each country (see methodological notes for more information).
This classification provides the basis for a comparative study on the significance of the larger farms in the EU 27, Norway and Switzerland, using the 2007 data from the Farm Structure Survey (FSS).

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