Perception of Nuclear Risk at the Kola Peninsula

Type Book
Title Perception of Nuclear Risk at the Kola Peninsula
Volume 18
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2001
Publisher Ume{\aa} University, CERUM, Centre for Regional Science
City Oslo
Country/State Sweden
This final report summarises the work accomplished in the project “Perception of Nuclear Risk at the Kola Peninsula”. The project framework was regulated by contract 1998–03–26 between Centre for Regional Science – CERUM, Umeå University and The Division of Disaster Psychiatry (KKP) University of Oslo and the revised project plan dated March 25th 1998.
According to the revised project plan of March 25th 1998, the reduced project encompassed 2,5 man moths of labour by a qualified researcher, the purchase of R&D services and other operating expenses.
The report is made up of three parts, a project administrative part, detailing how the different tasks were executed, a part listing the context and research result and appendixes listing the data sets generated by this research

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