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Type Journal Article - Acta Pœdtatr Scand
Title Childhood Mortality in Relation to Nutritional Status and Water Supply—a Prospective Study from Rural Malawi
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 1988
Page numbers 260-268
URL http://www.ircwash.org/sites/default/files/203.1-88CH-18814.pdf
In connection with the introduction of an improved method of water supply in rural Malawi,
the nutritional status, morbidity, and mortality among 1178 children under five were studied during three rainy and three dry seasons. Data were collected at fortnightly home interviews. Nutritional assessment was made twice a year. One hundred and thirty-seven of the children died during the study period, and the probability of dying before the age of five was estimated to 270 per 1000 children. The mortality risk was related to weight for height (p<0.001) and height for age (p<0.01) as well as to upper arm circumference (p<0.001) and triceps skinfoid (p<0.05). Mortality among children living in households using the new, piped-water supply tended to be lower than mortality for those using traditional water sources, although the difference was not statistically significant (relative risk 0.4, 95% confidence interval 0.1- 1.3).

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