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Type Thesis or Dissertation - Master of Education
Title The Impact of Islam on The Girl-Child’s Participation And Performance in Sports in Senior High Schools, Tamale
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2015
From the observation in the field of sports especially during competitions, it has been realized that the Northern Region which has the features and statures within the youth especially females seem to be relegated to the ground. Performance amongst the females seems to be dwindling more than that of their male counterparts. Ritual and religion they say exert great influence over human behavior, including sports activities…… (Cordes and (brahim, 1999) Religion can shape the specific sport participation. For example, Islam Forbids Kung Fu because Islam thinks that the Kung Fu inflicts physical harm, which is contrary to divine law (Chehabi, 2002). The Northern Region is dominated by Islamic faith especially within the Tamale Metropolis. Hence, the majority of the student population in the Senior High Schools is with the Muslim faith. Tamale can, boast of more than thirty (30) Senior High Schools in the Metropolis. The fact that sports women and men do pray before their performance and others even consult religions counselors before going into action, it has become obvious that religion may or may not have impact on the performance of the Muslim female. It is for this reason that this research work has been carried out to examine and assess the impact that Islamic religion has on the female child performance and participation in the Senior High Schools. Data for this research was collected through the administering of questionnaire and unstructured interviews. Information was also obtained from books at the University of Education, Winneba and the Network. The data collected was analyzed in order to arrive at conclusion and to make a few recommendations. The findings and recommendations would assist coaches, the participants, sports enthusiasts to develop, enhance and inprove the female participation in sports competitions effectively for a higher achievement.

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