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Type Working Paper - Indian Journal of Cartographer
Title A spatial modelling approach for selection of residential sites using GIS: a case study for Chail block of Kaushambi district
Volume 23
Issue 1
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2003
Page numbers 48-58
URL http://incaindia.org/INCA-PDF/vol23/CASE-STUDIES/A Spatial Modelling.pdf
Planned development of residential sites is necessary due to ever-rising demand for residences in cities and town area. Proper decision-making process for selection of residential sites requires collection and analysis of information about various parameters like soil types, slope, ground water availability, proximity to roads, etc. The present process of residential site selection is generally manual which is time consuming and tedious due to the fact that relevant information are generally available in varying data formats and at different scales. Thus, there is an urgent need to adopt modern technological tools like Geographic Information System (GIS) for residential site selection. The present work deals with identification of residential sites in Chail block of newly constituted Kaushambi district in Uttar Pradesh State by developing a spatial model under GIS environment. Based upon the analysis, three residential site locations have been identified as priority site I, II and III. GIS has been found to be effective in selecting the residential sites in Chail block of Kaushambi district and may also be adopted for residential site selection in other areas.

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