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Type Working Paper
Title Evaluation study: Phukusi La Moyo, A participatory educational radio programme about maternal and child health
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2011
URL http://dspace.col.org/bitstream/123456789/454/1/ProgEvalReport__Phukusi-la-Moyo_Malawi_2011.pdf
Phukusi la Moyo (literally Bag of Life) is a radio programme that has arisen as a result of a collaborative effort between the MaiMwana Project, Mudzi Wathu Community Radio Station, the District Health Office, and women’s groups (established by MaiMwana in 2005), that aims to improve maternal and child health. Key characteristics of the programme are: • A collaborative approach, covering both design and operation, among subject experts (MaiMwana and the health office) and media; • The combination of on-air programming (learning content) with off air learner support, through an extensive network of women’s groups or radio listening clubs; • A high degree of participation in the programme, both from learners (pregnant women and mothers) and health care providers; • Local support for the programme, in particular the District Health Office, but also the MaiMwana project and Mudzi Wathu Community Radio.

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