An Agent-Based Modeling for Pandemic Influenza in Egypt

Type Working Paper
Title An Agent-Based Modeling for Pandemic Influenza in Egypt
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2012
Pandemic influenza has great potential to cause large
and rapid increases in deaths and serious illness. The
objective of this paper is to develop an agent-based model
to simulate the spread of pandemic influenza (novel
H1N1) in Egypt. The proposed multi-agent model is based
on the modeling of individuals' interactions in a spacetime
context. The proposed model involves different types
of parameters such as: social agent attributes, distribution
of Egypt population, and patterns of agents' interactions.
Analysis of modeling results leads to understanding the
characteristics of the modeled pandemic, transmission
patterns, and the conditions under which an outbreak
might occur. In addition, the proposed model is used to
measure the effectiveness of different control strategies to
intervene the pandemic spread.

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