Minors in street condition in Toluca city

Type Journal Article - Papeles de Poblacion
Title Minors in street condition in Toluca city
Issue 48
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2006
Page numbers 220-251
URL http://papelesdepoblacion.uaemex.mx/pp48_Ing/11_JACIEL.pdf
In this article the reasons that force the minors to leave of the home and to perform economic activities in the street to contribute to the familiar expense or to move away from their home for matters of infantile mistreat, are analyzed. Taking as a basis the fieldwork observation, the social and economic causes that determine this situation in minors are; poverty, family mistreatment and the search of independence. On the other hand, the qualitative study shows that in the vast majority of the cases, taking part in any economic activity allows children to keep their place in the family core. This contradiction embodied in the micro social area is the tangible basis of the adults’ individual initiatives, who manage social networks of children work exploitation. Reality demands an effective State intervention so that people respect international laws and treaties to protect the children’s human rights, and at the same time to strengthen the functions of the institutions in charge of providing the enjoyment of these rights.

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