Poor Governance in Egypt, an Obstacle to Economic Development

Type Journal Article - Journal Of Humanities And Social Science
Title Poor Governance in Egypt, an Obstacle to Economic Development
Volume 19
Issue 7
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2014
URL http://www.iosrjournals.org/iosr-jhss/papers/Vol19-issue7/Version-2/A019720114.pdf
Good governance is a prerequisite for a high level of economic development, while poor or bad
governance results in a low level of economic development. Egypt as a case study represents an obvious
example of the later. This paper aims at clarifying the correlation between the type of governance and the level
of economic development. First, this paper starts with an introduction which briefly identifies the aim of the
paper, the nature of governance and the adopted school of thought concerning the relation between governance
and economic development. Second, it sheds light on the World Bank indicators of governance and their
application on Egypt and the type of governance which Egypt witnessed during the rule of Mubarak and his
predecessors .Third, it clarifies the impact of governance in Egypt on the economic development aspects.
Finally, it concludes with some concluding remarks.

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