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Type Journal Article - Procedia Environmental Sciences
Title Adoption of Improved Varieties of Vegetable Crops with Pesticide Use in Chiang Mai Province, Northern Thailand
Volume 20
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2014
Page numbers 418-424
The increasing urban demand for vegetables in Thailand has been met through peri-urban areas in the central plains, northern valleys and highland rural areas. Use of modern technology like improved varieties, fertilizer, pesticides, growth hormones, and modern cultivation practices is the common feature of commercial vegetable production in recent periods. Improved varieties of the vegetable crops are considered as the important bio-innovation that affects the livelihood and health aspects of the farmers.

This study focused on various aspects related to the adoption of improved or hybrid varieties of vegetable crops in northern Thailand. We analysed the effects of hybrid varieties on household income, self-employment and human health aspect. In addition, we studied about farmers’ opinions of pesticide using in group of pesticide and non- pesticide use and expressed the gender role in different vegetable production activities.

The paper is based on the study of commercial vegetable production areas around Chiang Mai city, which is covering two research sites: Mae Wang and Saraphi. Mae Wang is one of the rapidly transforming areas in Chiang Mai valley that provide the situation of fast growing commercial vegetable cultivation mostly in rural settings. Saraphi is the adjoining district to the Chiang Mai city that represents peri-urban commercial vegetable production both conventional as well as pesticide free vegetable production areas.

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