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Type Working Paper
Title Global Perspective on the Connections between Immigrants and World Cities
URL https://gum.columbian.gwu.edu/sites/gum.columbian.gwu.edu/files/downloads/Immigration and World​Cities.pdf
The purpose of this paper is to develop a database for urban immigrant destinations and contrast it
with existing rankin
gs of world cities.
Most world city rankings
focus on
economic measurements yet our
research argues that through a quantitative study of immigrant destinations, we can better understand socio
cultural change in the global urban hierarchy. In cities arou
nd the world, unprecedented levels of global
immigration challenge us to asses
how and where immigrants are challenging the political, economic,
social and cultural dimensions of our cities. Our goal is to add to the range of criteria used to establish a
global urban hierarchy and to inspire others to expand the
methods and measurements of socio
globalization in world cities research.

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