Internal migration in Thailand

Type Journal Article - Asian and Pacific Migration Journal
Title Internal migration in Thailand
Volume 3
Issue 4
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 1994
Page numbers 531-545
Internal migration of the population of Thailand involves a number of
distinct forms of movement. Three forms are identified in this research:
single-move, seasonal and repeat. The first can be treated as long-term
migration while the latter two are more temporary. All forms are characterized
by different geographical flows and different selectivity patterns.
Long-term migration is highly selective of young adults, females and the
more highly educated. It is most likely to occur between urban areas or from
rural to urban areas. Temporary migration mainly involves movement back
and forth between urban and rural places and is most likely to be engaged
in by those with a medium level of education. The census, the traditional
source of migration data, tends to underestimate the levels of migration and
overestimate the selectivity of migration. The need for detailed migration
data to be used for formulating population redistribution policies is seen in
the results of the research.

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