Essentials of global community health

Type Book Section - Averting childhood deaths in resource-constrained settings through engagement with the community: An example from Cambodia
Title Essentials of global community health
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2010
Page numbers 169
Publisher Jones & Bartlett
Essentials of Global Community Health offers current and future clinicians, public health professionals, and administrators a comprehensive resource on providing community-oriented health care

This essential reference delves into the individual, family, social, and global determinants that shape a community's health. Combining theory with practical application, Essentials of Global Community Health provides step-by-step guidance on interventions that promote health and prevent disease at the community level

With 16 structured case studies that span the globe---from Cambodia and Chad, to Moldova, Israel, Spain, and others---Essentials of Global Community Health explains and illustrates how principles of Community-Oriented Primary Care (COPC) and Community-Oriented Public Health (COPH) work in diverse settings worldwide

Jaime and Rosa Gofin bring 40 years of academic and field experience to bear in this text by offering a complete framework for putting community health into practice

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