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Type Journal Article - Reproductive health matters
Title Using the Internet and social media to promote condom use in Turkey
Volume 19
Issue 37
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2011
Page numbers 157-165
URL http://dktinter.s463.sureserver.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/1305350675_Promoting_Condom_Use_in_Tu​rkey.pdf
Condoms are an important contraceptive method in Turkey, used by one in three couples
using modern methods. However, withdrawal remains the most common form of contraception,
resulting in many unwanted pregnancies. To address this issue and increase condom use in Turkey,
DKT International, a social marketing enterprise, leveraged the high use of the Internet and
social networking to help build Fiesta, a premium condom brand, and promote sales and condom
use. By utilising a wide range of digital platforms – a new website, Facebook page, Google Adwords,
an e-newsletter, viral marketing, banner ads and involving bloggers – Fiesta achieved strong
recognition among the target audience of sexually active young people, though far more men than
women. Retail audits, Internet analysis and sales performance suggest that using the Internet
was instrumental in establishing Fiesta. Sales reached 4.3 million condoms (of which 8% were
sold online) in the first 18 months. In contrast, Kiss, a far more inexpensive DKT condom, launched
at the same time but with no digital campaign, sold 2.6 million. With the growing availability and
use of the Internet and social media globally, family planning organizations should consider
incorporating these technologies into their educational, outreach and marketing programmes.
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