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Type Journal Article - Indian pediatrics
Title Educating fathers to improve breastfeeding rates and paternal-infant attachment
Volume 51
Issue 8
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2014
Page numbers 654-657
URL http://indianpediatrics.net/aug2014/654.pdf
Objectives: To determine the effect of breastfeeding education provided to fathers on breastfeeding rates and paternal-infant attachment. Methods: 117 couples with their infants with the inclusion criteria: knowledge of reading, writing and speaking Turkish; living in the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus until their infants were six months old; and infants having no health problems preventing the early initiation of breastfeeding. Participants were divided into 3 groups (2 experimental and 1 control). Breastfeeding education was provided to the mothers (20 min/d) in the first group (n=38) and to the mothers and fathers in the second group (n=39) (20 min/d/parent) until they were discharged from the hospital. This education was supplemented by a training booklet. The parents and their infants were followed until the infants were six months old. Exclusive breastfeeding rates and Paternal-Infant Attachment Scale scores at six months were main outcome measures. Results: Exclusive breastfeeding rates (56.4%, 33.3% and 12.8%; P

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