Does Job Matter for the Happiness?

Type Journal Article - Social and Basic Sciences Research Review
Title Does Job Matter for the Happiness?
Volume 3
Issue 3
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2015
Page numbers 156-166
Throughout the several years in human life the sources of being happy are
generally wondered, irrefutably. At this juncture, several robust sources of
happiness argued in the researches both in the individual and societal
aspects. The most common knowledge claims that material sources become
less important while post-material sources become important for being
satisfied from the life under the case of wealth. Thus, researches in the
literature focused on the nexus between money and happiness. Interestingly,
with Inglehart theory and Easterlin paradox, it is suggested that money loses
its importance for happiness.
Inquisitively, like money, the question of where job takes place in the
happiness recipe of people is waiting for answering. In this context, this
study is designed to emphasize to what extent job takes place in the
happiness recipe of people in the specific of Turkey. For this purpose, 2004-
2013 waves of TurkStat (Turkish Statistical Institute) Life Satisfaction Survey
were used for analyzing the changes in the happiness level of people in
Turkey over the last decade. Results of the study suggest that the sources of
happiness sequentially flow as health, love, success, money, job and other.
Thus, when it comes to happiness materialist values are not matter for
Turkish people and post-materialist values gain the importance in being
happy. Therefore, job should be accepted just as a tool for happiness similar
with money.

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