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Type Working Paper
Title Solvent exposure, related work practice and self-reported health problems among car painters in workshops at Hebron City, Palestine: a study from Hebron City, Palestine
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2002
URL https://www.duo.uio.no/bitstream/handle/10852/30073/alfrookh.pdf?sequence=1&isAllowed=y
In order to gain more knowledge about the working environment and on the occurrence of solvent-exposure symptoms among workers of car painting workshops, we conducted a cross-sectional occupational survey (descriptive study) among workers in Hebron-Palestine.
Sixty-two workers from thirty-one workshops were interviewed using a structured questionnaire on work environment and self-reported adverse health effects. The present study showed that all owners and workers in Hebron City were at risk to be exposed to organic solvents directly or indirectly. The workshops lacked standard criteria of safety such as ventilation systems. The workers lacked knowledge about the adverse health effects of organic solvents and safe use. The majority of the workers painted the cars without precaution, and they did not use protective measures (e.g., non of them used filter gas, 71% filter masks, 17% gloves, 22% goggles, 7% working clothes, 8% special shoes, 7% head cover). They reported general health complaints (68% headache, 42% painful tingling, 40% red or sore eyes, and 52% difficulties in breath) which could be due to exposure to organic solvents used in car paints. We concluded that the workers are exposed to high concentrations of organic solvents for short times during painting process. During this period, they were not adequately protected.

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