Threats to Food and Water Chain Infrastructure

Type Book
Title Threats to Food and Water Chain Infrastructure
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2010
Publisher Springer
The chapter summarizes the current food quality systems in Turkey from the perspective of food defense. Recently Turkey has formally adopted a number of typical elements of food safety regulations and control systems in the accession period to EU and there are developments dealing with food safety and a few available empirical analyses of food safety applications in Turkey, but still there is a lack of comprehensive study summarizing the efforts. The developments that signal some of the more formal approaches to deal with food defense are shared and a few examples of food safety applications in Turkey are mentioned together with discussing issues about food quality. The policies supported for food safety and security, current situation, related legislations are used to provide information as current indicators. On the other hand food defense is a vital and relevantly “hot” topic as all societies are crucially dependent upon the food supply; therefore, its disruption is an obvious prime target for terrorism.

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