Food Security and Risk Reduction in Bangladesh

Type Book
Title Food Security and Risk Reduction in Bangladesh
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2015
Historically, the main focus of water resources management in Bangladesh has been to increase rice production in order to ensure food security. Since early 1960s there has been large scale development of flood control projects which provide protection against repeated floods to safeguard standing rice crop. There are different types of flood control projects providing protection against different types of floods with various degrees of success. Right now, almost all of flood prone cultivable areas are protected from floods. Additionally, other aspects of flood management have improved over the years, which are being observed to result in higher rice production after flood. Since early 1980s, irrigation facilities have been developed to supply water during dry season which has made it possible to grow an additional rice crop during this season. By now, most of irrigable areas have been brought under irrigation coverage by various modes of irrigation technologies. This paper reviews the contributions of these two developments in water sector in increasing rice production of the country.

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