Accesibilidad en edificios de Merida, Mexico

Type Journal Article - Ingenieria
Title Accesibilidad en edificios de Merida, Mexico
Volume 17
Issue 1
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2013
Page numbers 23-39
URL 17/accesibilidad.pdf
Providing equal opportunities for the disabled is now a priority in many countries; thus, in the majority of
these countries, legislation is currently in force wh
ich requires designers and
constructors to ensure
accessibility in buildings. This report presents a case stud
y of typical public buildings constructed recently
in Merida, one of the principal cities of Mexico. This
city is known both for its low crime rate and for its
tourist and cultural attractions; these favorable conditi
ons are cause of migration, both from other regions
of Mexico, and the United States and Canada. The aim
of this study was to verify compliance with the
architectural requirements mentioned in current legi
slation which are necessary
to provide accessibility for
people with motor and visual disabilities. The results s
howed that the buildings do not comply with many
mandatory architectural requirements, resulting in a de
ficient level of accessibility; thus, we can conclude
that this phenomenon has not been given the social importance it requires.

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