Accesibilidad y efectividad en Mexico

Type Journal Article - Gaceta medica de Mexico
Title Accesibilidad y efectividad en Mexico
Volume 147
Issue 6
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2011
Page numbers 504-509
This is an analysis of two of the dimensions of a health system: accessibility and effectiveness, taking account the
objectives of a health system (improving the health of the population, provide appropriate treatment for users of health
services and ensure financial security for health) cannot be achieved exclusively by a well-functioning health system
and the provision of medical services, being that the health status is explained by many factors and social determinants
that deal with the conditions of people and their health beha
viors and the level of individual co-responsibility. Despite
the advances in the Mexican health system which has greatly improved the health conditions of the population, there
is a lag in investment in health, with the major investment challenges as such, coordination between all levels, distribution
of human, technological and financial resources, the autonomy of professional practice, the innovation of attention
schemes, and modernization of trade unions

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