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Type Thesis or Dissertation - Master of Science
Title Integration of municipal solid waste management in Accra (Ghana): bioreactor treatment technology as an integral part of the management process
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2004
URL http://www.lumes.lu.se/database/Alumni/03.04/theses/anomanyo_edward.pdf
The increasing solid waste generated in the Accra metropolis has not been accompanied with adequate sanitation facilities and management programs. Notable among the waste management problems is inadequate operational funding from the municipality’s budget allocation for the collection and disposal processes. The disposal methods mostly depend on the obsolete dumping with the associated environmental and social risks. Recycling of waste that reduces the waste dumping has also not been effective. With the problem of inadequate operational funding it is possible that the sanitary landfill under construction by the AMA may revert to a dump. This project however, is an opportunity to introduce the bioreactor waste treatment technology. This technology converts only degradable organic matter into useful fuel and reduces the environmental impact of organic wastes, and therefore not all the solid waste components are treated. The integration of this technology with collection and supply for recycling and composting is therefore important in order to cater for other components. Three levels of integration are proposed here. One level is to link the collection of materials for recycling and composting with available markets. The waste collection is also to be integrated with the bioreactor treatment process. The third level is to bring the biological treatment facility, collection, recycling and composting programs in co-operation with the stakeholders (the management authorities, the public and the private investors). The underlying purpose of this study is to develop a conceptual methodology for MSWM strategies in Accra that demonstrates the ability to include social, environmental and economic compatibilities as the dimensions of a sustainable waste management system.

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