Resiliencia y factores protectores en menores infractores y en situacion de calle

Type Journal Article - Psicologia y Salud
Title Resiliencia y factores protectores en menores infractores y en situacion de calle
Volume 22
Issue 1
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2012
Page numbers 49-62
This study examines the characteristics of resilien
ce and its relation to several protective fac-
tors: health habits, self-esteem, locus of control,
dealing with problems and family relationships,
in under age offenders and those living on streets,
with the purpose of identifying the personality
factors that these under age children reckon with f
or living under these circumstances. The sample
consisted of adolescents who were living on the str
eet, compared with another group of adoles-
cents from a rehabilitation school for under age of
fenders, all males, between 11 and 23 years old.
The study yielded statistically significant differe
nces between the participants with high resilience
scores, who showed more favorable family relationsh
ips (unity and expression) and internal locus
of control, and the low resilience group, which pre
sented a low self-esteem. The findings confirm
the formulated hypothesis, which indicates that hig
her resilience implies a higher locus of con-
trol and a direct coping style, and a lower resili
ence is associated with more insecurity, devaluatio
social expectations and negative aspects of self-es
teem. It is concluded that some individuals pre-
sent more protective factors which may mitigate the
effects of the risk factors they are exposed to,
but more exploration of the way these factors are i
nterrelated to resilience is required.

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