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Title Impact of Climate Change and Variability on Fisher Livelihoods of Coastal Communities: A Study on Dhalchar at Bhola District of Bangladesh
This research examined the impact of climate variability and change on fisher livelihoods in coastal community of Bangladesh. The principle of sustainable livelihood approach (SLA) is applied here and both qualitative and quantitative method including structural questionnaires, participatory rural appraisal (PRA), key informant interviews, and secondary sources were carried out to serve the objectives of the research. The changing scenario of climate events in terms of climate exposures and sensitivity has been perceived. Impact of this change and variability not just affects occupational activities but also hamper multifarious aspects of rural livelihoods that determine the extent of fisher’s capacity to cope with climatic changes. A community-based development management approach undertaken in the watershed development programs including capacity building of communities is considered effective for enhancing climate-resilient fishing communities as well as for adapting to changes in climate variability with the technical and financial support from government and non-government organization.

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