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Type Working Paper - International journal of STD & AIDS
Title Correlation of HIV/AIDS prevalence with social, economic and demographic measures in Andhra Pradesh, India
Volume 23
Issue 9
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2012
Page numbers 16-26
URL http://std.sagepub.com/content/23/9/e16.short
In this study, the spatial distribution of HIV/AIDS is investigated with several socioeconomic variables. Results of exploratory analysis of correlations have been reported between the prevalence of HIV/AIDS as it is the dependent variable against a range of socioeconomic and demographic measures in Andhra Pradesh, India. The state ranks among the top six states for HIV prevalence in the country. This study offers an insight to the distribution of HIV prevalence and the potential impacts of the epidemic on the high-, medium- and low-risk groups determined through cluster analyses of population and cumulative HIV infections. The impacts have been addressed through selective social and economic measures as HIV/AIDS is considered more of a social epidemic. These results help in identifying factors that are contributing more towards the spread of HIV and so guide policies to counteract dominant factors in order to control the disease. Future investigations are necessary to elucidate characterization of the rates of infection according to gender, age groups and regions.

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