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Type Book
Title School Wastage Study - Focusing on Student Absenteeism in Armenia
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2008
Publisher UNICEF Armenia
URL http://www.un.am/up/library/School Wastage Study_Student Abs. in Armenia_eng.pdf
The Armenian education system is undergoing major reform initiatives including structural
change, new curriculum adoption, new standards-based assessment, and the implementation of
a student-based funding scheme.1
The success of these reforms, undoubtedly, will depend on
how students participate and perform in Armenia’s school system. Thus, the current study was
designed and carried out to identify the current status and trend in school wastage, focusing
on students’ participation and attendance in schooling in Armenia. It uses multiple research
methods, both qualitative and quantitative, and various data sources to analyze and evaluate key
indicators of school wastage, including student participation and academic performance. This
study, supported by UNICEF in Armenia, identi es major issues relating to school wastage in
Armenia and makes recommendations for a way forward.

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