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Type Journal Article - International Journal of Management and Marketing Research
Title Characterization of Informal Crossborder Traders Across Selected Botswana Borders
Volume 7
Issue 1
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2014
Page numbers 85-102
URL http://www.theibfr2.com/RePEc/ibf/ijmmre/ijmmr-v7n1 2014/IJMMR-V7N1-2014.pdf#page=87
This study was cross-sectional and used the quantitative (survey methods) and qualitative methods (Focus Group Discussion and Key Informant Interviews) to characterize the informal cross-border traders drawn from four major activity border posts in the northern and southern parts of Botswana. The systematic random sampling and snow ball techniques were used in identifying the 520 informal cross-border traders who participated in the study. The study analysed the demographic characteristics of the traders, main commodities they traded on, the sources and amount of start-up income, reasons for participating in informal cross-border trade (ICBT), the extent of profit generated from the trade, major constraints faced by the traders, and factors that significantly predicted profit generated from ICBT. The study recommends that government should recognize ICBT and provide enabling facilities and infrastructure to ease delays at the border posts, minimize stiff trade completions and ease transportation for ICB traders. A nationwide study covering all the 21 border posts needs to be embarked on to provide data necessary for monitoring the informal cross border trade in Botswana.

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