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Type Journal Article - Population Research and Policy Review
Title Assessing the impact of a family planning nurse training program in Egypt
Volume 14
Issue 4
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 1995
Page numbers 395-409
URL http://www.springerlink.com/index/R5151333Q82N6342.pdf
In 1991 the Egyptian Ministry of Health introduced a new training program for family planning nurses. The training program stressed the development of nurses' counseling skills. As part of the Operations Research Program, sponsored by Family Health International in collaboration with the Egypt National Family Planning Board, managerial staff from family planning agencies designed and implemented a study to evaluate the impact of the new training program. The study objective was to assess the impact of nurse training on nurse performance in the clinic and on clients' family planning knowledge, attitudes and contraceptive use. The study was designed to provide usable information to family planning managers in the field within a time period of less than one year. The study results indicate that there is an association between improved family planning training for nurses and positive changes in family planning knowledge, attitudes and behavior among women attending MoH clinics in this study. The greatest relative change occurred in knowledge. Women in the experimental group, relative to the control group, displayed increased knowledge about contraceptives, particularly the pill and the IUD. Attitudinal change was less pronounced. Favorable attitudes toward oral contraceptives and condoms became more prevalent, and reports of husband-wife communication about family planning also increased. Finally, although contraceptive use was already high prior to the nurse training, IUD use increased significantly among women in one governorate.

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