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Type Journal Article - J Sociology Soc Anth
Title Exploring the Occupational Caregiver-cared Conflict in Informal Settings: Evidences from Botswana and Other Eclectic Data Sources
Volume 6
Issue 3
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2015
Page numbers 315-321
URL http://www.krepublishers.com/02-Journals/JSSA/JSSA-06-0-000-15-Web/JSSA-06-3-000-15-Abst-PDF/JSSA-06​-3-315-15-99-Kangethe-S-M/JSSA-06-3-315-15-99-Kangethe-S-M-TX-[1].pdf
This paper aims to explore the environment of occupational caregiver-cared conflicts in Botswana and other eclectic data sources. The paper has used a review of literature methodology. Findings indicate that the occupational caregiver-cared conflict is not new and is attributable to an array of the following factors: inadequate resources especially of psychosocial nature to both the caregivers and the cared; health workers and caregivers subjecting stigma to their clients; sexual exploitation of the cared by the health workers, caregivers or guardians; caregivers or guardians disinheriting the orphans; and caregivers abusing the welfare assistance package for the orphans. The paper recommends: sensitizing the communities on the rights of the orphans to inheritance; educating communities on and against unethical practices of sexual exploitation of the vulnerable members of the community; the Department of Social services (DSS) to monitor and ensure that the welfare assistance package is adequately utilized by the beneficiaries; mounting strong anti- stigma strategies and campaigns; availing requisite resources; training the caregivers in tandem with the cared; and putting up other complementary services of care such as day care centres and hospices.

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