The Factors Affecting Knowledge of Source for Condom in Vietnam 2005

Type Conference Paper - 3rd International Conference on Reproductive Health and Social Sciences Research
Title The Factors Affecting Knowledge of Source for Condom in Vietnam 2005
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2009
In Vietnam in recent years, condoms have been used for the following purposes:
family planning and reproductive health care, and HIV/STI prevention. Therefore,
knowledge of sources where condoms can be obtained is one of the major indicators to
measure the success of HIV/AIDS prevention programs. But the source for condoms can
only be known if condoms and the information about the condom sources is obtained by
users/consumers. This research examines the factors affecting knowledge of condom
sources using secondary data from the VPAIS conducted in 2005. The factors examined
include individual background characteristics, HIV/AIDS knowledge on condom use, and
exposure to mass media such as reading newspapers, listening to the radio, and watching
television. The relationship between these factors and the knowledge of condom sources is
examined using bivariate and multivariate analyses.
The analysis unit for this research is the individual aged 15-49. A total of 13,996
people were interviewed, including of 7,289 women and 6,707 men. The analysis results
show that individual characteristics such as age, educational level, marital status, wealth,
and type of place of residence are significantly related to the knowledge of condom sources.
Similarly, HIV/AIDS comprehensive knowledge and frequency of exposure to mass media
are significant factors. Therefore this study presents practical information in support of
developing strategies, planning, and managing condom availability in Vietnam.

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