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Type Journal Article - BRAC University Journal
Title Community Health Concerns Qualitative Research in Rural Bangladesh
Page numbers 51
URL http://www.researchgate.net/profile/Nasima_Selim/publication/265203359_Editorial._Community_health_c​oncerns_Qualitative_research_in_rural_Bangladesh/links/545cdcac0cf2c1a63bfa577b.pdf#page=60
People living in rural and semi-urban areas of Bangladesh experience disease and health risks in their day-to-day life as much as their urban counterparts do, if not more. Access to health care and health information are limited. Educational achievement and income status is low. General state of knowledge and awareness regarding health conditions is rudimentary. However, people live by what they know best, their cultural beliefs and practices, as well as the means and opportunities available to them. Health is therefore more often an outcome of the socio-cultural determinants that influence and shape their perceptions, beliefs and practices.

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